What is the Bildung Rose?

The Bildung Rose is a model, a description, a simplification — and a really simple tool to get a conversation going anywhere: in the workplace, in your personal relationships, or just inside your own head when you need to structure your thinking.

The Bildung Rose, the outer world and your inner world

Is the world hard to grasp?

The Bildung Rose is a simplified depiction of society. All societies have the seven domains of the Rose: production, technology, aesthetics, power, science, narrative, and ethics. Societies would not survive if they didn’t.

In order to thrive in your society, you need to grasp all seven domains to some extent. At least you have to be able to navigate them without hurting yourself — or others.

In other words: your inner world, i.e. your meaning making and your understanding of the outer world, needs to match the outer world.

You may therefore use the Bildung Rose to explore how well you feel equipped to understand, navigate and thrive in the society in which you live. If you lack sufficient knowledge in all of the domains, the world will probably seem like a very confusing and anxiety provoking place. It may leave you mentally stuck, incapable of imagining what to do next.


The Bildung Rose finally has a website of its own

The Bildung Rose was first described in English in this article published by Nordic Bildung in October 2019: http://nordicbildung.org/publication/the-bildung-rose/ In June 2020, it appeared for the first time in print in English in my book Bildung: Keep Growing: http://nordicbildung.org/books/bildung/ The model itself is a lot older, though: it first appeared in Danish in my 2007 …


We are still developing the Bildung Rose and would love to hear your feedback. Has the Bildung Rose inspired you? How are you using it? Do you have any fresh ideas regarding how and where to use it?

Feel free to send us a note: info @ nordicbildung.org.